Creating a request to the Demyst gateway


About this guide

This guide describes how to create and define an API request to the Demyst API gateway.

Request sections

URL and Request TypeThe Demyst API is accessed at, with CC replaced by the region in which your execution servers are running (us, au, eu, sg). Requests to the API should be sent as HTTPS POST requests.
AuthenticationRequests require an API Key for authentication.
Channel IDThe "id" is the Channel ID number from your saved data API on the Demyst platform. This is shown at Data APIs > Your Data API > Settings. The Channel ID sends inputs to that specific configuration so that the correct data is appended.
InputsThe inputs use the same information that would be used on the single lookup page. Use the exact same keys that appear on that screen (in the example above, "country", "state", "city", "street", "post_code", "first_name", "last_name").
ConnectionAll requests to Demyst are made over secure TLS 1.2 channels using HTTPS. The host you communicate with depends on the region that you are working with.

Sample Request

curl -X POST  
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json'  
  -d '{  
    "api_key": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",  
    "id": 1020,  
    "inputs": {  
      "country": "US",  
      "state": "NY",  
      "city": "New York",  
      "street": "100 Main Street",  
      "post_code": "10001",  
      "first_name": "JOHN",  
      "last_name": "DOE"