Review your configured Connectors

Overview of your organization specific catalog of Data Connectors


About this guide

In this guide, you'll learn how to access an overview of the Connectors available to you. You will also learn about the different types of metadata associated with each Connector.

The Data Catalog tab in the platform expose an overview of the Connectors configured specifically for your organisation. This catalog allows you to have a view of the upstream integrations that can be made into available into your systems either through Data APIs or Data Shares.

Make sure to have a look at the below recipe to learn how to integrate the Demyst catalog of Connectors into your own enterprise data catalog.

1 - Navigate to the Data Catalog

This is the overview of all the connectors configured for your organisation so far.

Step 1: Access the Data Catalog

Step 1: Access the Data Catalog

Each tile has a couple of metadata tags visible. These tags range from the region where the data can be used, the data entity category, and the status of due diligence for the vendor.

Step 2: Observe the metadata visible in the overview

Step 2: Observe the metadata visible in the overview

2 - Deep dive into a Connector

Double-click on a tile of interest to further deep dive into the data product. Here you can see each Connector comes with a description and the full list of metadata associated with the Connector. This page also has the Inputs needed to run the connector as a Data API and the data dictionary of expected outputs.