Demyst data provider certification


About this guide

When integrating a data provider, Demyst can perform a certification on your behalf, to accelerate the time to launch a new product. This certification process includes multiple steps such as diligence, ethical and security review.

Certification overview

Overview of the Demyst certification process

Overview of the Demyst certification process

Components of the certification

Vendor diligence & compliance

Vendor Diligence

  • Vendor Entity Vetting & Screening (KYC)
  • Vendor Stability (Financial)

Business Continuity

  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Business continuity plans
  • Incident response strategy
  • Breach notification strategy
  • Approved failover / backup data centre systems


  • Registration and cooperation with the Supervisory Authority
  • Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG)

Data Lifecycle Policies

  • Data destruction & Data lifecycle

Privacy & ethics


  • Adherence to best practice privacy policy
  • Industry standard data sharing and cross-border transfer policies and frameworks
  • Confidentiality classifications adherence
  • Approved data sources and collection methodology


  • Acceptable data usage ethics
  • Defined consent conditions
  • Sensitive data handling framework & policy
  • Lawful purpose to house and process data

Legal / Regulatory

  • Legal/regulatory obligations and adherence
  • Confirmed Rights of Access, Deletion, Opt-Out, Object, Portability, etc.


  • Industry recognized security criteria (e.g SOC 2, ISO / IEC 27001)
  • Information security policies
  • Vulnerability and penetration testing
  • Access Control Policies
  • Endpoint security
  • Employee background checks
  • SQL injection attack prevention
  • Data Storage & Access Framework (Encryption / Hashing / Privileges, etc.)
  • Data transfer methods
  • Data loss prevention strategies
  • Method / frequency of system patching

Data Product Quality & Controls

Data Product Analysis

  • Uniqueness of dataset & attributes
  • Cost of data relative to competitors
  • Match and fill rate
  • Completeness

Product Specifics

  • Data portability options
  • Usage entitlements and restrictions
  • Consent requirements
  • Trusted auditability
  • Acceptable data rights
  • Compliant data handling & storage

Client Deployment Certification

Use Case

  • Acceptable permitted use
  • Consent requirements approved
  • Compliant data handling and storage


  • Ethical usage
  • Consent conditions
  • Sensitive data classification


  • Data lifecycle (Storage, Audit)
  • Monitoring requirement