Getting started with Demyst

1. Schedule a demo

The first step is to schedule a demo with a member of our sales team to provide an overview of the capabilities that Demyst offers and discuss if it meets your needs of external data management.

2. Test the Demyst Platform

As part of our sales process, the Demyst team will grant you and your team access to the Demyst Platform and run a live workshop. This is so you can test drive all the major functionality that you'd experience when licensing the Demyst Platform and understand the ease at which you could be managing all your external data.



Before proceeding to the next stage and setting up or fully using the Demyst Platform, Demyst is required to enter into a commercial licence for the Demyst Platform with your organisation. Please speak to the Demyst sales representative that organised your test of the Platform, or contact us to learn more.

3. Set up Data Hub integrations and align processes

Before you can start receiving external data into your Data Hub, we need to set connectivity to your data warehouse/data lake/workflow tools and align on data processes. This step involves multiple workshops where we will configure and align on architecture, tooling and process, culminating in an integration between your Data Hub and the Demyst Platform.

4. Start managing and consuming external data

Now that you are integrated to the Demyst Platform, you're now ready to have data pushed or pulled directly into your Data Hub. To create a new data feed into your organisation, you need to start by Creating a Connector to setup connectivity to an upstream data source, and then either Creating and deploying a data API for real-time access to data, or creating and deploying a Data Share to receive bulk data in your data warehouse or data lake.

Learn about the 3 steps to accessing external data through the Demyst Platform.

What’s Next

Get in touch with our team and see how you can unlock the value of external data for your organisation!