Adding credentials to a Connector

This doc will list how different connector API keys (and other credentials) can be added to a Connector for your organization

Demyst supports multiple mechanisms to provide Connector credentials. This allows your organisation to leverage different credentials, access different environments, or even setting a default for the organisation while you are evaluating a specific Connector.

Default credentials

The default credentials are picked up from Demyst’s backend processing system. Credentials are encrypted and added during integration unless Demyst does not have the rights (i.e. the Connector is locked as we are processors). If there are no default credentials (or any of the below), you will see an insufficient_credentials error.

Organisation level credentials

Even if default credentials are available, the organisation credentials take precedence. Organisation-specific credentials can be added by Admins of the organisation by logging in to the Demyst Platform, and navigating to the Team Settings page at At the bottom of the screen, you will see Global Connector Configuration. Once these are added, every request through this organisation will use these credentials.


It takes about 10-20 minutes for new credentials to become active.

When adding a credential, add all for the Connector so that it can work. For experian_business_search_api to work, you need to add all of the below.

API level credentials

If you navigate to the Settings page of a Data API/or a channel, you will be able to add credentials for that API only. This will override all other credentials stated above. An example of this application would be to have organisation-owned lower environment credentials at the Org Level, and then production environment credentials at the Data API/Channel Level so that no higher cost transactions occur without intent.