About Demyst

Unlock the power of external data

Modern Enterprises are now adopting data as a first class citizen, with a mentality that external data has the breadth and richness that is critical to every function of an organisation. Yet, getting your external data house in order at scale is proving to be much harder than Enterprises expected. They dream of a world where all external data is trusted, managed, governed, and actively used in support of all business use cases. A world with expert knowledge of industry-leading data patterns & solutions, established protocols and conventions for all external data ingestion, standardised payloads of metadata flowing directly into their systems, and a simple cost-effective way to manage all upstream data support & remediation.

External Data, Done Right

Demyst is an External Data Management Platform, providing data teams with the toolkit required to manage all their external data. We empower data teams to enable their business users by orchestrating at scale, tailored pipelines that provide trusted external data. For any data source in the external data ecosystem, Demyst delivers

  • Configured external data, in your chosen format, schema and logic
  • Deep metadata, designed to feed hubs and catalogs
  • Batch and real time pipelines, for any destination and frequency
  • Superior performance & support, through logs, monitoring & incident management
  • Data evaluation support, including diligence, procurement and delivery

With Demyst, Data teams experience more data and more trust with less effort, improving data ROI and driving outcomes through their business users.

The Demyst Platform

The Demyst Platform is powered by the core components of Connector, Data API and Data Share, each with a comprehensive set of features, collectively forming your complete toolkit to manage all your external data in your Data Hub. A suite of services is included in your licence to help you maximise the value of the Demyst Platform.

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Overview of the <<glossary:Demyst Platform>>

Overview of the Demyst Platform

Your Data Hub

While each organisation is unique, a trend has emerged among large banks and insurers. They are establishing centralised Data Hubs to cater to the growing data demand from business stakeholders. In essence, a Data Hub is a central repository for storing and managing data from diverse sources. It provides a unified access point for all your organisation's data, streamlining the processes of data acquisition, delivery, management and governance for your teams.

Overview of a typical data hub architecture

Overview of a typical Data Hub architecture


Demyst offers an enterprise license to the Demyst Platform which includes :

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