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Getting Started

If you haven't verified you have a working Python 3.6+ environment please head back here first.

The Demyst Analytics Python package is going to change the way you access external data. In a few short minutes we will be show you how to query, discovery and access hundreds of new data sets interactively though Notebooks. But the toolkit is not limited to interactive analysis. The Python package can also be used in production data pipelines.

Let's get started!

Install Demyst Analytics

First open up a Terminal or Command Prompt and type the following. You may need to use pip3 depending on your environment:

pip install demyst-analytics

What is with the extra arguments to pip? The current analytics package is a pre-release version and is only publish on PyPi test packaging systems.

Install Jupyter

Many of the tutorials here assume you have Jupyter Notebooks installed. While Juptyter is not necessary to use the analytics package the tutorials assume you have it running.


All you need to do is run:

brew install jupyter

To see if it is working, run:

jupyter --version

You can launch it with:

jupyter notebook

This should open up your default web browser to the Jupyter file browser. To create a new Notebook, click on the New button and select Python3:

Jupyter New Notebook

Now you should see your first Notebook:

Jupyter First Notebook

Now that you are ready to go you can either head on over to Your First Jupyter Notebook or you can browse the package Walkthrough